Monday, August 31, 2009



This game uses only one button to control missile and its purpose is to destroy targer.

Controls are very simple.
It turns with the navigation if I push the button for a long time.
Utilizing well collision extent of missile and collision extent of target and attribute each mission clear do.
we have 40 mission, and after that it is infinite and random .

Have fun

Control button : UP button

The kind of the missile has ,Impact ,Proximity ,Time ,Singijeon ,Fish ,Matahari

Demo Video


  1. The Impact missile is going to explode when colliding to a target.

  2. The Proximity missile is going to explode when approaching to a target

  3. The Time missile is going to explode when time passing from 200 to 0.

The new version 1.1 add-ons (soft-up key)

Now under preparation.

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